A day in the life of “Agnes and Vera”

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A day in the life of “ Agnes & Vera” 

Monday 13th. January 2020
This is an event which occurs for us, once or twice a year.

On this occasion, Hannah kindly looked after the shop whilst Jo came with me, taxied by my patient husband ( who actually quite enjoys the visit & helps look out for products that catch his eye or thinks that we “girls’ will like) to London, setting off through Sturminster Newton at 6.45 a.m.

Our first port of call after refreshments on the way to keep our strength up and me awake, was to one of our suppliers, hence the car being necessary. This fulfilled some retail therapy for the shop, hand-picking products to add a post-Christmas splash of “new” to the shelves.
We arrived at the Top Drawer Trade Fair at Olympia at round about lunchtime ( just as well that they have a good selection of refreshment points; it makes you very hungry, all that walking & talking ) and clasping directories and pre-written lists of stands that we hoped to visit, it was like being let loose in a sweet shop which I guess is only exciting if you have a sweet tooth.
It is always a good opportunity to meet up with long-time suppliers who now feel like old friends and to check out what is new.
There are a number of smaller businesses, some family run which offer a personal, special feel to their brand and some talented designers in the card area. How we love our card room at Agnes & Vera!
We discovered that bricks & mortar shops are no longer supplying the majority of buyers at the Trade Fair and we were touched by the support of some of the exhibitors for the small businesses on the High Street.
So, with a selection of brochures, sales orders and information, we left the building at the closing time of 6 p.m. & forged our way home to Dorset through howling wind and rain, arriving back in Sturminster in the dark as we had left it in the morning and the rush and bustle on the motorway for the quiet, empty lanes of home.

Now the ordered products begin to arrive!