Sturminster Dental Care – Keeping you safe, keeping our services running

The web site has been asking some of key healthcare providers to make sure their users are aware of their availability during this difficult time. Here Sturminster Dental service are setting out how they are doing that whilst remaining open to their clientele

Keeping you safe during this Coronavirus Pandemic

The team at Sturminster Dental Care are here to care for your oral health during these unprecedented times.

We understand that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone and the recent rules regarding staying at home, limiting our movements and social distancing, continue to be a testing time for everyone. We want to share with you all the work and changes that we have undertaken, and the advanced technology we have introduced into the practice to keep everybody safe.

The reception area in the surgery

Our focus, as always, is on the provision of the highest quality of care in the safest environment possible. Naturally we have redesigned the layout of the practice and the way we will work in order to adopt all of the hygiene and social distancing measures currently recommended. This, however, has only been our basic starting point. You will no doubt have read articles, or seen news stories, about the way that the active infection of the virus Covid-19 can be transmitted by touch, contact and through aerosol droplets in the air. It is therefore understandable for you to have concerns about any treatment we may propose, so we want to reassure you by explaining all of the things that we now have in place for your safety.

In addition to the usual high level of cross infection control measures we routinely undertake, and the visible additional levels of personal protective equipment (PPE) we are wearing, the barrier screens, and essential health checks that we undertake before you even come into the practice, we also undertake daily temperature checks and Covid-19 questionnaires on all of our staff members.

Our latest addition, the aptly named ‘Virus Killer’ being used to increase your level of biosecurity when in the Practice

We have invested in the latest air sterilisation technology which now allows us to provide a comprehensive and ‘normal’ range of treatments while still maintaining an enhanced level of cross infection control measures within the whole practice.

For your peace of mind we want to assure you that the guidelines which we now work to are extremely comprehensive. Your safety, and ours (all the practice team members), are our absolute priority. We strictly adhere to all these guidelines and also seek to exceed them where this will provide an even safer environment for everybody.

If you have any dental needs, or questions about the services we offer and the protective measures we have in place, most of the answers can be found on our website at or telephone us on 01258 473397.