Sturminster Mill -The Day American TV came to Town.

Sturminster Mill – The Day American TV came to Town.

Many of us already know that in the time of COVID the popularity of bread making overtook the level of supply of flour available to the supermarkets. Bread was officially the new “Black”. By the way it still is! Step up to the plate Peter Loosemore and his colleagues at the Mill. Using grain reserves they had judiciously stored for such a rainy-day Peter and his team of volunteers cranked the Mill into full 24 hour a day action and pretty soon had vendors such as Dike and Sons and Oxford’s and American TV broadcasters (Yes American TV!) beating a path to the Mill door.

Here are two clips of these visits from CBS news (They don’t get much bigger than that) and Public Service Broadcasting.

Surely Peter is destined for fame and fortune on the channels ‘over there’? Probably as an interpreter of ancient English expressions such as ‘blimey’ a word he used to express his surprise at the demand for his product, giving rise to the American presenter’s disbelieving joy that such a word was still used by living Englishmen. Give it a full watch and you will see.

Oh and congratulations to Peter and his team.