Sturminster Newton web site phase two launch

Sturminster Newton-Sturminster Newton web site phase two launch

Today sees the launch of phase two of our new Town Website.

So far in phase 1 we have recruited over 100 entries from local accommodation providers, businesses, retailers and event creators.

We want to use the site to

• Inform our local community of opportunities, services and events that directly affect them.
• To use the site as a platform for business and other commercial providers to speak to their customers and clients.
• To attract our fair share of the tourist pound that so far we almost completely miss out on.

With 100 entries of various kinds we are on the way.

The site has gradually moved up the ratings on google from a once lowly page 8 listing (Does anyone ever click through to page 8?) and now enjoys a lofty page one location often placing third or fourth for a search of the words Sturminster Newton.
This is still not good enough to meet our purpose (first for Sturminster, page one for anyone searching things to do in Dorset) and phase two is all about lifting its visibility to achieve our aims.

Hence phase two.

In this release we now have a set of three exciting new blog spaces.

These are

• My Week in Sturminster
• My five (or 10) favourite places / things to do in Sturminster
• Community News.

We are actively seeking contributors to these blogs! That includes you reading this.

My week in Sturminster

The “My week in Sturminster” blog is loosely titled. I am asking for people to write a blog about themselves and the community in which they work or live. You might be a school pupil at the High School who wants to tell us all about their studies, aspirations, teachers (we will check for libellous content) or visitors. You might be a local churchgoer who wants to record some insights or benefits gained from your churchgoing and worship. You might be a locally unemployed Mother of two seeking work and telling us about the challenges that brings. Come one come all.

My five (or 10) top favourite places

Might be your top 5 or 10 (or 7 who’s counting)
• Pubs and clubs
• Walks around the town and surrounding areas
• Attractions for children
• Hotels and B and B’s

Indeed we are starting with a blog about the top 13 (there we go, not to specification again) Thomas Hardy locations in Sturminster and My best 4 Dog walks! Again, anything of interest, please feel free to send them in. That includes, vicars and churches, anglers and fisherman, birdwatchers…..

Community News

Is currently being provided by Councillor Pauline Batstone who writes a regular blog anyway. But that doesn’t mean you can’t write a blog about this community and activities that are being undertaken to benefit those amongst us who are less well advantaged.

How to write your blog:

• Please keep it around 600 words.
• Send it to me at the address below in a word file
• Add a few photos. These should be jpeg format, Squarish and not more than 2megabytes in size. We will match the photos to the text.
• Include the web pages of sites that you think are relevant to your post. For example if its about a walk around Shillingstone send in the web site of the local hotel / café / visitor attraction you refer to.

Now for phase three.

To find out about or to send in a blog please email

[email protected]