Sturminster Producer’s Market brings the Town alive

Sturminster Producer’s Market

Sturminster came alive on 12th September as a Producer’s Market took over the town pedestrian areas. Over 500 people enjoyed tremendously good weather, great market stalls and a craft fair in the Exchange – its first event of note for months!

Retailers turned out to support the fun with many shops opening specially to make sure we all put our best foot forward.

Research on the day showed that there was an overwhelmingly positive attitude to things on the day.


In recent weeks Sturminster has been making all out efforts to overcome the damage done to its economic activity during the CO~VID lockdown. Almost all our shops have re-opened.

  • Oxfords has moved onto the High Street proper – a great vote of confidence.
  • A new bistro restaurant has opened alongside a storming White Hart Alehouse
  • Marshes is under a new livery of paint.
  • The Swan also with new managers is clearly making every effort to win new customers.
  • The Community Chest has relaunched as the Boutique and yes, it is a charity shop though many customers had thought otherwise.
  • The Emporium its sister enterprise and the Friends of Blandford Charity shops have both reopened under strict controls. To complete an almost wholly positive picture a new shop is opening where Oxfords once was.

To cap it all the Town’s built environment has been greatly enhanced with the new seating area by the museum and a late show of the Town’s planters maintained by Adam and his council team.