The Home Library Service – A fantastic community service for those who can’t get to their library



If you or somebody you know or care for, are unable to get to your local library, the Home Library Service (HLS) can provide a regular supply of books, free of charge, delivered to your home. The Dorset Library Service have over 150,000 book titles including large print novels, shorter novels which are lighter and easier to hold, audio books (talking) CD’s or cassette tapes.

Don’t be afraid to ask – everyone has times when they need a bit of support.  Perhaps you’ve been ill or are recovering from an operation, or maybe just not as mobile as you used to be.  You can use the HLS for just a short time e.g. in winter or convalescence, but also regularly if you are housebound, have limited mobility or you are a full-time carer.  All our volunteers are local people who are security checked and will carry photographic ID so don’t worry about letting them into your home. The volunteers are happy to drop off some books, have a chat and check how you are doing.  We will visit you to talk about how the service works and what you would like to read.

Our Home Library Service is there to make life a whole lot easier. If you are interested in using this service, contact our Coordinator, Carey Pearce on 07423 471019 or email [email protected]