New ‘village cows’

Now everyone can enjoy farm fresh milk – all you need is £1 and an empty litre bottle.

The Dorset Dairy Co has recently launched three ‘milk stations’ to provide the local community with gently pasteurised, non-homogenised milk from Friesian-Holstein cows reared on fields between Stalbridge and Marnhull.

The project addresses the issue of single-use plastic by providing reusable glass bottles, and the issues of food miles and provenance by virtue of being very local.

The machines are located outside Harts of Stur, The Hub at Stalbridge and The Crown at Marnhull. They dispense whole milk 24/7 except on Mondays and Thursdays when they have semi-skimmed milk.

The Sturminster and Stalbridge machines also sell cultured butter and cultured cream (crème fraîche) alongside glass bottles in a separate vending machine.

The Dorset Dairy Co is a concept brought to fruition in 2016 by a husband and wife led team who strongly believe in natural, unprocessed food. Coming from generations of dairy farmers, Daniel Miller longed to find a better fate for the family farm’s milk rather than a supermarket tanker. Alex, a recent convert to country life, wanted to make fresh farm produce more widely available. It started with strained yoghurt – Dorset’s answer to Greek yoghurt – and, as sales grew across southern England, so did the range.

“We do not believe in waste,” says Alex. “All by-products from our processes are used to make other products or used as feed for pigs and calves, and our packaging is either reusable or fully recyclable.”

It’s never been easier to support your local dairy farmer.