Meet Carole Jones DCC Councillor for Sturminster

Carole Jones

Editor’s note

Carole Jones is our new Dorset Council representative for the Sturminster Area. She replaces Pauline Batstone who whilst still a Dorset Councillor and heavily committed to all things to do with Sturminster Newton has taken up representation of one of the rural councillorships. Carole lives in Newton by the Mill. She is a dog lover, a great lover of all things Dorset and Sturminster in particular and passionate believer in taking action on local community issues as you will see from her blog below. I am sure she will provide many more of these to the site.

Carole writes:

Life as your Dorset Councillor!

Well, I can say it’s truly busy but I love a challenge and like to get stuff done!

The new council was officially formed in April of this year and is undergoing a real work of transformation to ensure that services are delivered more efficiently with strategies being formed by a number of working groups focusing on areas which include, but are not limited to: economic development, climate change, the environment, rural access to transport, leisure services and the formation of a new local plan.

I was delighted to be involved with the High Sheriff Awards given recently, I put forward Reshide, a sixth form student at Sturminster High (who incidentally are getting better and better results), for her work with the setting up of a comprehensive recycling scheme and instilling a culture of re-use, and Andy Watson for his truly incredible work at Stour Connect – if you don’t know what they offer – I urge you to visit, – we really are lucky to have this facility in our town.  Chris Spackman put forward the lovely Albert for all of his work with the lunch club, and Pauline Batstone put Yasar forward from Poets Corner Café for all of his work with our Eastern European friends.

So very pleased that finally, after numerous e-mails, meetings and jumping up and down Alder Close and Hambledon View are to have new roads!!  Work will hopefully start in May.

Speeding on rural roads in North Dorset

Speeding – it’s an issue – and needs sorting!  Whilst there are three areas of concern:

  • Bath Road
  • Rixon Hill
  • Newton Hill

I am waiting for the results of a survey on Bath Road where I am pushing for a crossing between the school and Stour Connect.  The results of the survey will be shared with me soon.  The results will either show the area is suitable or it’s not.  Plan B will be a road alteration if we can’t get a zebra crossing.  The alteration I shall push for will be reducing the width to a single lane so vehicles will need to slow down.  But we are not there yet.

As far as Rixon and Newton Hills are concerned, we are in the hands of the Town Council as I have requested a survey on both roads and this needs to go through them.  If we can get the surveys passed and put into action, from there, I believe we can ask the residents in each area to fund the posts required for a SID (Speed Indicator Device) – these are really successful in reducing speeds.  Once we have the posts, we need to fund a SID which can be shared between both areas – I have 50% of the funding for this – we need the balance, and I am hoping the Town Council will step in here – but please do lobby the town councillors!  At the beginning of every Town Council Meeting, there is a time for residents to go and ask questions – use this opportunity, be heard!

Did you know, all planning applications for North Dorset which come to committee (and not put through under delegated powers) are heard at The Exchange.  I sit on this committee and have been amazed at the number of people who come and speak, listen and see how we work.  The next one takes place on Tuesday 19th November at 2pm.  Personally I recommend you purchase a Gin and Tonic at the Bar – then come and take a seat!!  I am expecting we should get an application through for Outline permission on the Northfields Site soon, – that should be interesting!  I will let people know as and when that is due to come forward with notice.

If you feel you need someone in your corner on matters council – just yell! – I like  to get stuff done!

Finally, to all of our European residents, please do get in touch if you need help in applying to the EU Settlement Scheme – we want you all to stay – and can help you with any paperwork needed.