Zumba Fitness, Gold & Toning with Abby D

This last year has been a funny time for fitness, with halls and sports centres closed.  The only place where we could reliably dance became our homes, so ZOOM Zumba became a common (and truth be told) unusual and successful way to stay involved and to keep our business going. We are nearing the end of the lockdown and ready and raring to go once more, and yes as you can see we did survive!

However, brighter days are on the way and we (Abby and her partners in crime) are looking forward to a return to in-person classes.

The idea of a Zumba class is that you have FUN.  Exercise should not be about being perfect, knowing every single step.  Our ethos is that it is more about losing yourself in the catchy music, singing your own version of the lyrics and finding your own rhythm.

Of course there is a structure, repeating chorus and verse sections with a greater range of movement if you want to, but it is layered so that ANY BODY can join in at a level to suit them. Of course all our instructors are welcoming of all different standards in one room, so literally fun for all.

There are the usual aerobics moves alongside basic dance steps for Salsa, Merengue, Tango, Flamenco, Bollywood, all great fun to encounter for the first time. For the really motivated there are fitness based squats & lunges as well as balance exercises, which they can take with them out of the class adapt to their personal needs and schedules and use to build back better. I think I’ve heard that somewhere else?

But with every song and choreo there are always modifications.  It starts off with simple movements which are built upon.  It’s then up to you as a participant to do the moves that suit you and make you feel good.  After all, it is your workout, not Abby’s!

Currently, Abby is looking forward to re-starting classes at Sturfit Sports Centre and Fontmell Magna Village hall from mid-May.   In the meantime, there is still Zoom so if you fancy a free preview class, give her a call.

Abby knows full well how daunting it can be to start something new: 07901 597129/ 01747 850867/ [email protected]